Luminous Paving Stone LED
– Piccola small

Product symbol: 008
Dimensions: 63 x 76 x 90 x 60 mm
Power supply: 24V DC
LED manufactured: Cree Inc. USA
Cover: transparent
Waterproof: IP67
LED lifespan: 124.000h
Maximum load: 8000kg
Certyficates: CE, RoHS
Warranty: 2 or 4 years
Connection: IP67 join


Light colour Power
Neutral or Cool White 2,3W
RGB 2,9W
RGB+W 5,5W


Product Data Sheet (ENG)
Installation Scheme (ENG)
3D model for architects (SketchUp)

LED paver lights are a cutting-edge solution for garden and house illumination. The LED technology makes the product cheap to use, very durable and highly faultless.

They are equipped with LEDs by CREE, the best US manufacturer. They have an outstanding intensity while maintaining long lifecycle (best in class). Depending on preferences customers can choose one of five options: WARM WHITE, COLD WHITE, RGB and RGB+W (RGB plus warm or cold white). The RGBW technology means that the paver lights not only provide illumination but can also serve as spectacular decoration full of all colours.

With such perfect technology and production quality at hand we are able to offer four years of guarantee (if our recommended accessories are used).