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Can I pass a car over a paver light?

Yes, the illuminated pavers by LedBruk are high-durability products that can support almost as much as traditional pavers. Our pavers were tested for static load at 8,000 kg. The paver lights are full-feature driveway lamps that can be passed over and used just like a conventional paving system.

Are LedBruk pavers waterproof?

Yes, the paver lights by LedBruk are waterproof (IP67 standard) and certified by Prof. Staub ZETOM labs in Katowice. The facility features Testing and Calibration Laboratories and Certification Unit accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA). The labs are a EU notified body (ref. 1436). More details, if you need them: IP is an information system notifying about the degree up to which light fittings can protect internal elements against foreign objects and water. The IP class is designated by two letters (“IP”) and two (or four in some cases) digits, of which the first one stands for foreign object protection and the second one for water protection.

Can LedBruk paver lights be washed just like traditional paving systems?
Yes, you can wash our paver lights in a similar way to the regular paving sett, including with a pressure nozzle.
How to remove scratches from LedBruk paver lights?

Pavers with smooth surface on top (incl. Nostalit, Holland, Rocdeco) are prone to scratches from prolonged time of use. However, the scratches can be repaired using a soft cloth damped in acetone or nail polish remover (containing acetone). Simply wipe a scratch a few times to remove it.

What could damage paver lights?

The paver lights by LedBruk are not resistant to organic solvents (acetone). The cover will dissolve slowly when subject to acetone. This is the only substance that the cover enters into a chemical reaction with.

Why should I choose your paver lights?

There are a number of sound reasons why our paver lights are so recommended, including:

  1. Every lamp is equipped with a waterproof cable box that ensures tightness and sealing of connections. Electrical connections are encased in a box for long lifecycle and high reliability of the system.
  2. Assembly is very straightforward and can be done without a professional crew – just two screwdrivers (cross head + small flat screwdriver, and two 21-sized Yale keys).
  3. We do not use the usual light sources popular on the market or LED stripes that are cut into parts. Our light devices are original design&production units dedicated to LED. We use brand LEDs by Cree, the global leader in LED light manufacturing. Thanks to such components our LEDs are top quality and their light intensity is very consistent across all lamps.
  4. We use 24V power supply only to make our products safe and free of any hazards for human life or health.
  5. Our products were tested by an independent certification unit – ZETOM labs in Katowice, Poland. Our products are waterproof and fully safe.
  6. There is a four-years guarantee covering our products.
  7. We have 5 years of experience offering this technology in Poland.
  8. The customer complaint rate has been at 0.1%.
  9. We are not just a producer and seller – we also provide advice to our partners and customers to help them in custom system designing, selection of optimal paver lights, and the final installation of lamps.
  10. Over 3,000 customers have already trusted us – become one of them and start enjoying our innovative lighting solutions!
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