Convenient wireless control

There are numerous solutions available on the market to control a light system. We recommend MiLight because this system is easy to install and provides an array of options. The system is now available also to regular customers who do not want to spend much. MiLight controls a LED system across a house using remote controls, wall panels and mobile applications – via WiFi. The entire system is made of a receiver/transmitter network. The system is highly comprehensive because either of the installed transmitters can be used to steer the system, for example a remote control, a wall panel or a mobile application, depending on the user’s preferences and without the need to choose one technology for the entire house or garden.

MiLight receivers

The system can be controlled using compatible receivers. The receivers support either single-colour, RGB or RGB+W LEDs A receiver can be connected with just about any source of LED light supplied with 24V DC, including LED stripes, paver lights, garden lamps and many more. MiLight also manufactures own receivers: LEDs with E27 or E14 end for use in chandeliers and wall lamps, ceiling lamps and floodlights.

MiLight transmitters

A transmitter is a device used to control receivers and MiLight products: remote controls and wall panels. A compatible remote control is required for a given receiver, depending on the type of LED: RGB+W, RGB or single-colour. Wall panels need to match LEDs, as well – there is 230 V mains version and a battery-operated version.

MiLight WiFi Box

Another device to complement the entire system is Wifi Box – a small unit for controlling the entire MiLight lighting system using a smartphone/tablet application. A WiFi controller is a tiny signal exchanger which receives a signal from the application, processes it and sends over to controllers steering the light system.

Zone control

MiLight system allows controlling up to 4 zones using one transmitter. And there can be 99 receivers assigned to every zone. For example, the first zone could be an in-line lamp, the second one a decorative LedStone system, the third one a network of garden lamps, and the forth one an illumination of footpaths and driveways with paver lights. Each zone can be controlled either separately or together with others using one remote control or a wall panel.

Mobile application

The application for controlling the entire MiLight system is available for free. It supports Android and iOS devices – majority of mobile systems used on the market.

MiLight 3.0 application


MiLight 3.0 application