LedBruk Line

LedBruk Line 24V lamps are an innovative in-line solution for driveway lighting. LEDs are energy-efficient and guarantee long faultless operation. Lamps are 100% waterproof (IP68 standard). They can be used in garage driveways and building walls. The dimmer feature allows controlling intensity of the light based on custom preferences and specific location.

  • warranty 4 years
  • high quality LED’s
  • energy efficiency
  • LED lifecycle up to 124,000h
  • waterproof IP68
  • 2 tons of load
  • easy assembly
  • safety voltage 24V DC
  • Made in Poland

The in-line driveway lamp is an innovative outdoor lighting solution. It requires no additional water-sealing and is installation-ready out of the box. The colour options include warm white, cold white and multi-colour (RGB).

LedBruk Line is a driveway lamp that supports up to 2 tons of load. It can be used in both pedestrian and vehicle ways as well as other zones where cars are used. This product is a great solution for illuminating house and building walls.


Safety voltage – 24V DC


Light source LED


Protect Class – IP68


4 years

LedBruk Line White

LedBruk Line IP68

Colour Light: Neutral White or Cool White

Length: 50, 100, 150 cm

LedBruk Line RGB

LedBruk Line IP68

Colour Light: RGB

Length: 45, 95, 145 cm

Certyficate CE

Certyficate RoHS

Sealing of the LedBruk IP68 boxes

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