Driveway Lamp LED

The popular and tested driveway lamps have never before been offered in the multi-colour option (RGB+W). Our solution supports the entire spectrum of colours in addition to the bright white light. The visual effect can be changed with a single touch to generate surroundings that look fantastic.

  • Warranty 4 years
  • energy efficiency LED
  • LED lifecycle up to 124,000h
  • waterproof IP67
  • durability – 2000kg
  • easy assembly
  • safe voltage 24V DC
  • Made in Poland

The driveway lamp is not boring anymore! Our product allows choosing any colour of light in addition to the standard white. The dedicated design stands out with reliability, energy efficiency and lifecycle beyond 100,000 hours of operation.

Our lamps create spectacular flood effect.


Safe voltage – 24V DC


up to 124.000h


Protection class – IP67



Driveway Lamp LED - Square

Protection class IP67

Neutral White. Cool White and RGB+W

Driveway Lamp LED - Round

Protection class IP67

Neutral White. Cool White and RGB+W

Certyficate CE

Certyficate RoHS

Sealing of the LedBruk IP68 boxes

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