Garden lamp – round – black

Diameter (housing): 8 x 8 cm
Height (housing): 50 cm, 80 cm
Colour (housing/lampshade): black / frost
Material (housing/lampshade): stainless steel / polycarbonate
Power Supply: 24V DC
LED diode type: Cree Inc. USA
Luminous flux:

Neutral white (510lm)

Cool white (550lm)

Light angle: 180 st.
Waterproof: IP68
Trwałość diod led: 124.000h
Certifications: CE, RoHS
Warranty: 4 years
Connection method: Hermetic can IP67


Color temperature Power
Neutral white (4500K) 5W
Cool white (5000K) 5W
RGB+W (neutral) 8,2W
RGB+W (cold) 8,2W


Product Data Sheet (ENG)
Installation Scheme (ENG)

LEDs by CREE – our units are the most efficient and luminescent LEDs available on the market. Cree is a US manufacturer that sets the global standards in LED quality, efficiency and consistent intensity of light.

RGB+W – we use RGBB units to avoid any compromise in the quality. Full spectrum of colours plus bright white light (warm or cold) are readily available. The user can freely choose the preferred option without being restricted by the type of lamp.

Control – our products are controlled using a remote control or a hub router linked to a smartphone or a tablet via Wi-Fi. The users easily can impress guests by adjusting colours using a mobile phone.

Lifecycle – our products are very durable and operate through 124,000 h (50 years by 8 hours daily).

Safety – low-voltage (24V) power supply eliminates the risk of electrical shock, for example when cables are damaged by garden works.

4-years guarantee – we are the only producer offering such a long guarantee. The reason is simple: we believe our product is top quality and can serve for many, many years…